Increasing revenue by 268% and cutting new customer CPA by 25% YOY

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268% Revenue

25% decrease
in nCPA


WONDR launched in 2020, founded on the belief that personal and self care can be eco-friendly. WONDR bars are full of natural ingredients, are 100% plastic free and are good for you and the planet.

The situation

WONDR was running Facebook and Google ads that drove a decent amount of sales, however, they didn't have a consistent creative strategy in place and new customer acquisition costs were too high.

Optimized approach

After performing an audit of Root's paid media and creative efforts, we identified 3 key areas that needed to be optimized in order to scale the brand.

Creative strategy & Output

We implemented a systemized creative testing process that allowed us to launch and test 3-5 new creative concepts on a weekly basis, across paid social channels.

When creative winners were identified, they were graduated into a dedicated scaling campaign.

We built a pool of content creators that provided us with a consistent flow of high-quality UGC content for our creatives strategy.

Landing pages

Because we were advertising on both Facebook/Instagram and TikTok, we created tailored landing pages specific to our creative angles and audience interests/pain points.

We tested product specific landing pages, listicles and quiz landing pages. Focusing on the post-click customer experience helped aid our ability to scale paid media efforts significantly.

Focusing on new customer acquisition

New customer acquisition is the main driver of profitable brand growth. We restructured and optimized the ad account setup to allow the platform algorithms to focus on new customer acquisition.

All optimizations and creative efforts were focused on 1 goal only: what creative assets and formats are driving optimal new customer acquisition at our target ncCPA and ncROAS goals. This allowed us to decrease new customer acquisition costs by 25% in 3 months.


Since implementing a full-funnel approach, investing in performance creative and optimizing post-click experience, WONDR has seen profitable growth while keeping new customer acquisition costs within targets.

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